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Even with our having had a black president and our belief, which is erroneous in a way, that our society is indeed one of liberty, people still look at interracial relationship with a lot of unease and still very much consider it a taboo.

As a black woman, I have been in relationships with many white men and have encountered a lot of complicated situations in my dating experience, most of which I have managed to navigate successfully without being tipped over. I reckon you can benefit a great deal from my experience. Now, here are some of the complicated stuff you should always be ready to encounter and be on the look out for in an interracial relationship

It certainly is a great deal of work

The both of you are from different cultural backgrounds which may even have hostile views of the other. There is a lot of work to do, a lot of tension that you should not go under as you both, while experiencing the world differently try to understand each other's views.


Communication is any relationship has always been a difficult thing. When you throw in the fact that the both of you are trying to reach each other from across a huge cultural divide, it becomes a daunting and uphill task. In countering this, it is important to accept these cultural divides rather than argue that your upbringing was similar. It is a lot less complicated that way and honest. It also reduces the tension when you accept what is for what it is.

 People will hold stereotyped notions about your person because of whom you choose to date

Due to the upbringing of many, this is an unconscious effort. Without even thinking about it, people will form opinions about your person. Black men dating black women will be considered too good for black women. Asian women will be seen as being submissive and docile when they date white men.

You may not feel that you both have really that many differences till you happen to attend one of such ceremonies which will knock you out of place in no little way. It is better if you anticipate this and talk about it with your date so you will not end up embarrassing yourself or feeling out of place. Cultural differences are equally as vast as racial differences, maybe even more vast.

You will need a lot of education

You have to know what it is like to be in an interracial relationship before you dabble into one. Your quest for this knowledge will take you round the family circles and even away from it. Sometimes it will become a tad annoying for people around you but that should not stop you.


Being properly educated will prepare for many events and sticky situations which you may not be able to anticipate in the heat of your excitement. It is also this education that will help you to find out things that are different between your date and you, plus what makes you one.

You will certainly be faced with racism

There are no two ways about this one. It is bound to happen. In as much as many would like a world where they can date whomever they want without it being another person's problem, it cannot be this way. People may throw subtle fascist remarks your way. The one who is used to it and the one who is not will both have different reactions, but with time you both will weather this storm.